Clackamas Wildfire 2020

Free wildfire recovery assistance to those impacted or displaced by the 2020 wildfires in Clackamas County.



The Clackamas County Long-Term Recovery Group logo, includes a drawing of Mount Hood that is green and brown and has a blue river running through the middle. There is a small flame icon at the bottom.

A simple black & white logo with "Dev NW" in a square. Below it says "Developing Thriving Communities."


Clackamas County Long-Term Recovery Group

The Clackamas County Long-Term Recovery Group (LTRG) is a group of volunteer community members and nonprofit organizations who are ready and willing to help. Our mission is to provide free assistance to anyone impacted or displaced by the 2020 wildfires navigate the systems and processes on the road to  rebuilding. Contact us to speak to a Disaster Recovery Specialist who can help you, your family, and community navigate the road to recovery.

Get Help 

Call Micole Olivas-Leyva at 541-345-7106 (Extension 2055) for the following types of free assistance:

  • Organizing documents needed for applications and claims 
  • Navigating insurance claims, FEMA applications, and appeals
  • Understanding rights associated with insurance
  • Completing Small Business Administration (SBA) disaster loan applications
  • Identifying other state and local financial resources
  • Records recovery including, ID, vehicle title, social security card, and other vital records
  • Working through the cleanup process
  • Evaluating rebuild options

Learn More

Learn about defensible space and how your plants and landscape can provide a fire-resistant barrier.

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  • Visit our Evacuation page for information about preparing to leave your home during a wildfire
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