Text says: Emergencies can happen any time. Let's be prepared!


         Red banner says SIGN UP and the text below says: Learn how to prepare yourself and your family          Red banner says SIGN IN and the text below says: Update your address, phone, or email          Red banner says GET READY and the text below says Learn how to prepare yourself and your family.

Portland-area map with icons on it that indicate current alerts.

Sign Up

Get alerts by voice, text, and email

Crack in the road after an earthquake. Man walking and tractor in background.


Types of emergencies likely in our area

Person holds copy of FEMA family communication plan document.

Get Ready

Prepare yourself and your community

Neighbors use map to make an emergency plan.

Get Involved

Engage others, get training, volunteer

Photo of a neighborhood cleanup event. People of all ages are planting new plants on a sidewalk strip. Some are wearing bright yellow safety vests.


Safely return home and find assistance 

PublicAlerts serves Clackamas, Columbia, Multnomah, and Washington counties in the State of Oregon and Clark County in the State of Washington.